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Helping Hands Program for those in need

Home Performance Masters is starting a “Helping Hands” program.  Do you know a neighbor, senior, or veteran that needs some basic repairs done around their house?  HPM would like to donate a couple days each month to those who are in need of general home repairs.  This will be an ongoing community service program based […]

Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades – Best for resale? It depends.

While we can’t argue with  – nor do we want to! –  the fact that a home sells better with a bathroom or kitchen upgrade or renovation, before you (or Home Performance Masters) starts picking out granite, cabinets and appliances, you need to consider a few things. Consider your neighborhood and your target buyer, advises Trulia […]

Considering a Master Bathroom Renovation? Champagne taste, sparkling water budget? No problem.

Toni’s a little bit country, Marty‘s a little bit rock ‘n roll. Well, sort of… The design consultant (Toni) meets builder, renovator, energy solutions for your home professional (Marty) create a great rhythm and balance for your home. Marty: “Considering a new master bathroom? New construction or renovation? I will walk you through the feasibility […]

Love, Faith & Hope after Devastating Tornado

I am blessed to be a part of the “Parkwood Pounders”, a group of Christian home renovators from my church Parkwood Baptist (Annandale, VA) that answers the call of those in need. This past weekend we traveled to Appomattox, VA. The town was devastated by a EF3 tornado that tore through the Evergreen and Red House […]

Major Kitchen Remodel – Yes or No?

Homeowners often weigh the cost of remodeling their kitchen against two factors, how much will it add to the resale value and regardless,  how much enjoyment will my family and I receive for the number of years we get to enjoy it? While the enjoyment factor can be priceless… it does help to know how much of […]