Considering a Master Bathroom Renovation? Champagne taste, sparkling water budget? No problem.

Toni’s a little bit country, Marty‘s a little bit rock ‘n roll. Well, sort of… The design consultant (Toni) meets builder, renovator, energy solutions for your home professional (Marty) create a great rhythm and balance for your home.

Marty: “Considering a new master bathroom? New construction or renovation? I will walk you through the feasibility avisualization-1489440_640nd budget, and suggest what to invest in and when/where you can choose good over great, to fit your budget and tastes.”

Toni: “Do you have a champagne taste on a sparkling water budget? No problem. What’s really important to you? Maybe we save on the bathtub and toilet, even the faucets, and put more of the budget in tile – which is what you notice first! “

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