Our Process

Initial Consultation

We will have a brief consultation over the phone to:

• Listen to any concerns you may have about starting a remodeling project
• Learn more about your needs, the type of project, budget, timeline, etc. . .
• Explain how our process is conducted
• Schedule an appointment with one of our team members at your home

Step 1: Home Consultation

We arrive to our appointment on time to:

• Discuss the project and scope of work
• Prioritized your needs based on budget
• Discuss ranges and options for the improvements
• Take detailed measurements and photos

Step 2: Feasibility Study

We refine the scope of work to develop a guaranteed price for your project. During this time, we will:

• Configure a timeline and material list
• Review the complete scope of work to ensure that all of your selections are complete and documented
• Prepare a remodeling agreement that will be used throughout the work phases
• Obtain building permits if necessary

Step 3: Remodeling Project

During the remodeling phase, your HPM consultant will go over the final details with your project manager to ensure a smooth transition:

• Your consultant and project manager will be available at all times during the project
• We will complete a punch list prior to substantial completion
• Ensure that you are completely satisfied with your project
• At the end of the project, we may follow up with a brief survey about your experience with the HPM team for quality control purposes